Currently we are developing a Memory Fitplan for our clients. We use real world data and insights to help our clients make high quality lifestyle decisions to improve their memory. Discover how to improve your most important asset. Achieve your goals tracking your key memory health indicators with our health experts. Find out how we capture your data and translate it into a personal Memory Fitplan. Interested in taking your Memory Health to the next level?

Our Partners

We believe in people proactively managing and improving their memory as an important part of better health and wellbeing. We believe in making informed lifestyle choices.

We also recognize the need to equip health experts with deeply personalized insights that will enable them to effectively guide people towards reaching their goals. As a founding team, we ask ourselves “how can we combine the power of the most advanced health science, data and memory technology to enable people to take the right steps on their health journey.” We are an interdisciplinary team of impact innovators, neuroscience, bioinformatics, software engineering and user experience.

Although Tolooba was officially founded in 2020, the founder already started his journey into the universe of memory in 2016.

Fokko van der Woude, founder, explains: “Without knowing it, I founded Tolooba in 2016. When I tried to connect with my 90 year old grandma I discovered a way to bring back lost memories and make her happy. After testing, research and networking, my business partner Anton Knipper and I officially founded Tolooba BV in 2020.
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