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We know by now that images have impact on people who are coping with dementia. The right image can spark a long forgotten memory and will bring a moment of clearity with people who can not easily acces their past. For a moment they are father, mother, spouse, grandma or grandpa again.

In cooperation with De Herbergier in the city of Harlingen, a home for people suffering neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, we are developing the first version of our streamingservice to help recall personal memories. The challenge is, using a personal profile as a basis, to create an algorithm that will couple the right image to a personal profile.

At the moment we are doing this on a local scale in the Netherlands. We want to help people to spark their memories worldwide starting 2021

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How it started

Tolooba began in 2016 when Fokko his grandma (87 years old back then) visited the Lunenburger Heide in Germany from the comfort of her home. She grew up here and due to health issues, physically visiting her childhood area is impossible. When she saw the images she started remembering and sharing the things she had experienced from back then. Fokko had not heard these stories before. Experiencing this Fokko recognized the value of what happend. He decided to to visit Dutch inmigrants in Australia and bring them the same experience. And he achieved the same result with people suffering dementia. They saw their childhood neighborhood and they responded with stories from when they were children. Some 50 odd years back and memories long forgotten.

What is the value of a memory?

Images speak a thousand words.

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When he returned from Australia Fokko was invited to tell his story on Dutch national television. After the recording was broadcast he received so many requests to visit elderly homes across the nation to come and bring the same service. Travelling the Netherlands, as small as the country may be, would be exhausting. So he approached moving that mountain differently. 

He and his team decided to develop technologie that would make it possible for everyone to recall and spark lost memories.

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